• Load up to 16 instruments and sequence them using guitar/drum tab format.

• 5 instrument types: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Midi, Inter-App Audio.

• Play and sequence any app that supports Midi or Inter-App Audio using.

• Over 4000+ (painstakingly) recorded samples to get the most realistic sound. Each sound pack has been lovingly crafted until it was perfect.

• Guitar Soundpacks: Acoustic, Metalcore, Shimmer, Stoner Doom, Bright Clean, Epic Lead.

• Bass Soundpacks: Studio Tone, Blacklisted, Hazzard.

• Drums Soundpacks: Metal Drums, Metal Pro Drums, Rock Drums, Rock Pro Drums, Power Drums, Punk Drums, Vintage Drums, Jazz Drums, Vinyl Drums, Bongos, Tabla, Drum Machine 808, Industrial, Atmosphere, Percussion, Timpani.

• Full fretboard (22 frets)

• Palm muted equivalents for every guitar note for that heavy CHUG sound.

• Any custom guitar tuning from Standard to Drop C, plus many more. In most cases alternative tunings have been fully resampled for most realistic sound.


Unique Interfaces Designed to be Played

• Guitar interfaces designed for maximum playability.

• One touch chords allow you to forget tricky finger positioning and just play.

• Chord Draw mode allows you to draw any chord you wish on the fretboard and play on the fly.

• Instantly toggle between Strum mode and Hammer-on mode.

• Scroll up and down the fretboard with ease.

• Hold CHUG to play your notes palm muted!

• Slide, bend and string muting.

Music Theory Built In

• Fretboards are locked to a chosen key so you always stay in tune, and stay in harmony with your other instruments.

• Notes from related keys are also shown so you can dynamically perform key changes on the fly without interrupting your playing. This allows you to write really interesting riffs without having to be conscious of the key change theory behind it.



Bring your songs to life with a full 9-piece drum kit.

• Very low latency response.

• Highly playable interface, with Drum Kit vs Drum Pad style to choose from.

• Drum kit sounds chosen from hundreds of professionally recorded samples to make the best sounding kit.


• Import your own samples or use background midi app sounds.

• Up to 20 pads, each which can be assigned with 2 sounds for cut off (eg. Open and Closed Hi-Hat).

• All custom kits fully compatible with internal sequencer

• Drum Kits using imported samples are fully Midi In compatible.

• Create Interfaces for background midi drum apps and sequence using internal sequencer.

• Easily import and export your custom drum kits and share with others.



When used on an iPad you can play 2 instruments simultaneously, including 2 separate external apps via Midi or Inter-App Audio. Great for working out ideas and blending sounds.


All instruments are fully sequence-able and programmed in familiar guitar-tab format.

• Interface designed to be as quick and easy as possible, rather than punching in numbers on a numpad simply press the fret or drum that you wish to program in. Then play your instruments back in symphony!

• Midi Sequence with 'Midi' and 'Inter-App Audio' instruments.

• Hit record and record your notes to your tab in real time.

• Full copy/paste/editing functionality.

• Easily insert 32nd notes where you need them.

• Repeat, tempo and mixer control.

• Automate tempo, volume and balance as your track plays.

• Jam Mode allows you to loop a section of tab to be continuously recorded for your backing instruments, whilst you record and jam over the top, offering a jamming experience like no other.

• Tabs fully saveable and exportable through iTunes® File Sharing, or straight to Dropbox so you can share your ideas with friends and band mates, instantly..

• Render tabs to wav/m4a format.

• Stay in perfect time with your other apps and devices using Ableton Link.

Programming in tab has never been so easy!



• Apply effects to any of your instruments.

• Use Delay, Reverb, EQ and Modulation effects in a chain simultaneously.

• Unlockable modulation effects (via IAP or rating the app): Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo.

• Connect up to 4x Inter-App Audio Effects and apply them to any of your instruments.


One-touch chords are all fully programmable. Jam Maestro comes with 25 of the most popular chords already preloaded, and gives you 25 extra slots to define your own custom chords. One-touch chords are dynamic and play different shapes depending on the string you touch, all whilst adapting to your current key so they never play out of tune.



• Write tabs to PDF/Text file.

• Import/Export tabs as midi file.

• Import Guitar Pro 3-5 files.

• Inter-App Audio Host and Node support.

• Audiobus 2.0 with State Saving support (which saves tab information so you can share songs via Audiobus presets!). Programming in tab has never been so easy!

• AudioCopy Support

• Midi In and Out Support.